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Global Youth Forum 2017 (Partially Funded)

  Deadline: Ongoing Venue: Dubai, UAE from November 23-27, 2017   The main focus of this forum is set on thinking creatively as a young entrepreneur, taking into account social responsibility in a sustainable knowledge-based economy. This forum will provide an interactive platform for young social innovators to openly communicate, share ideas and experiences with

The Kectil Program Developing Countries Youth Leadership ( Fully Funded)

  Application Deadline – October 31st, 2017   The Kectil Program “KECTIL” is an acronym that refers to the Knowles Educational and Charitable Trust for  International Leadership. The Kectil Program is based of the following principals: 1. Creating an authentic, collaborative network of high potential youth from developing and least developed countries can break down

Internet Freedom Forum 2018 (Partially/Fully Funded)

  Application Deadline: January 31, 2018. Date: 24th to 26th April, 2018, Abuja, Nigeria. Internet Freedom Forum (IFF) is an arena where tough topical global issues around Internet rights, especially in Africa, are discussed between civil society, technology companies, government, academia and other stakeholders. In the past, we have discussed issues around surveillance, data privacy,