World Peace Initiative Funded trip to Global Peace On The Move – Himmawan Thailand 2018

World Peace Initiative Funded trip to Global Peace on the move – Himmawan Thailand 2018

Deadline: 15 August 2018


Himmawan, Thailand

13 – 26 December 2018

We are all looking for happiness, peace and success. We all want to have a meaningful and better life everyday. Yet, have you ever felt that you just don’t know where to begin? What to do? How to do it? Or even feeling lost without knowing why? All these questions can be answered, if you just decide when.

Now is the time to give yourself a break from the daily rollercoaster and find out what your true passion and purpose are, how to gain the strength to fulfill your dreams, and how to develop sustainable happiness. You are not alone. So many before have made the decision to find the clarity to create peace within for themselves and their friends, family, and community all around.

Peace and change makers, youth activists, anyone who is committed to their self-development and to everyone else’s self-development, this is your call, we need you all on board to make this possible, let’s join the PEACE REVOLUTION. Discover the inner peace practice of meditation and start a true change from within! The fellowship will take place in Thailand where participants will enjoy meditating in a serene and peaceful environment. To many, a celestial hideaway on Earth.

The fellowship offers a 14-day intensive training program providing participants with tools to train their mind while developing themselves and deepening their insights in the relationship between inner peace and sustainable world peace while enhancing their ability to create peace within their family, professional and social environment that will lead to happiness and success. In addition to our intensive meditation practice, participants will gain knowledge of various theoretical approaches that include:

  • Effective concentration
  • Self-awareness
  • Living in the present
  • Developing mental endurance and increased productivity
  • The role of habits in daily life and how to change them
  • Stress management
  • Creativity
  • Non-violent communication
  • Mental clarity
  • Multifaceted peace development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Thai-Buddhist Studies (in a non-religious but philosophical approach)


  • Free accommodation,
  • Free catering,
  • Free local transportation,
  • Free meditation retreat fee,
  • Free daily yoga classes
  • Partial airfare support for applicants meeting the criteria.


  • Candidates must be 20-32 years old at the time of submitting the application.
  • Candidates must have completed 42 days of the English version of the online self-development program BEFORE 30th September 2018. Note that in order to submit the application form, candidates do not need to have completed the online self-development program.
  • Candidates must have completed at least 2 Special Ops, BEFORE 30th September 2018 for at least 15 people in total. Please check the information about OFFLINE, ONLINE and LIVE Special Ops.
  • Candidates need to submit a PIPO Proposal (included in the application form).
  • Candidates must have good proficiency in written and spoken English language.
  • Candidates should be optimistic, open-minded, show leadership potential, and have a genuine interest in peace.

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