International Deforestation Conference and Workshop 2018 (Rome, Italy) Funded

International Deforestation Conference and Workshop 2018 (Rome, Italy) Funded

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Are you a young person passionate about tackling global land management issues?
Are you interested in learning about international efforts to stop deforestation?

We’re inviting you to join other young leaders in Rome to build capacity and act together collectively. We’re crossing sectors, land boundaries, and cultures to harmonize youth contributions towards sustainable forests.

Join us for a 1 day Youth training (Feb 19) + 3-day International Conference on Deforestation (Feb 20-22) run by a coalition of international organizations! We will be hosted at the UN Food and Agricultural Organization Headquarters in Rome, Italy and working with the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (UN Environment, World Bank, CIFOR, UNFCCC, UNCBD, IUFRO, etc).

We hope to offer students from multiple sectors an opportunity to work together and gain new skills: forestry (IFSA), agriculture (YPARD, IAAS, CSAYN), agroecology (GAEA), geography (EGEA), biodiversity (GYBN), business, law, and more! Together we’ll experience capacity development workshops, prepare for roles in the deforestation conference, and contribute to a work plan for youth engagement in the UN Forum on Forest process.

We are looking for:

1. A CORE team of 20 students. These 20 students will be provided with partial funding to attend and be a part of a team of 5 focusing on 1 theme. There tasks will include reporting on sessions, coming up with novel and interesting communication events and engagement strategies for both online audience and other conference attendees.

2. General youth participants, will participate in the 1 day-pre youth session as well as attend the main conference. Some financial assistance may be provided for these delegates.

The youth workshop aim is to meaningfully engage students and young professionals, have a day to plan ourselves as well as provide ample opportunities for learning and networking with professionals.

The International Deforestation conference will bring together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss the challenges of halting and reversing deforestation and to jointly explore ways to accelerate progress towards achieving in particular the SDG Target 15.2 and Target 1.1 of the UNSPF.

Learn more about the conference here:


Funding will be by reimbursement only, between 200-500 Euros to cover Transportation and Accommodation Only.

For Enquiries

Send an email to: [email protected]

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