Apply for 2018 ASFL West Africa Regional Conference – Ibadan Nigeria

Apply for 2018 ASFL West Africa Regional Conference – Ibadan Nigeria
African Students For Liberty

Deadline: Not yet stated

The 2018 West Africa Regional Conference will be hosted in Nigeria for the fifth year running, since 2013 since it was first hosted at the University of Ibadan. It has always been a weekend of inspiring lectures, insightful knowledge, and endless networking in a packed room of pro-liberty students and young professionals from around the world.

Conference attendees hear from top speakers in the freedom movement, network with other pro-liberty students, discover countless opportunities for jobs, internships, conferences and seminars, and have a lot of fun with other students. Also featuring tremendous speakers and panels on the ideas that lead to a free society and the actions necessary to implement them.

This year’s West African Regional Conference holding Saturday, September 1 at Conference Centre Hall, University of Ibadan, Nigeria will be more amazing! Discussions will revolve around Nigeria Multiple Trajectories and 2019 general elections, drug policy issues, trade deals, government accountability, LGBT rights, voluntary actions and societal constraints, religion, politics and free markets.

It has always been a debate of age and competence in matters of politics in Nigeria. The 2019 General Elections is near, and the #NotTooYoungToRun bill has recently been signed into law, giving a nod for young people’s active participation in politics. Who should run? How can young people make a difference in politics? Come and have your say at the West African Regional Conference!

What does the recent ban on rice imports and codeine by Nigerian government mean for the most populous black nation?

Do LGBTs have rights in Nigeria? Since the government outlawed homosexuality and imposing prison terms of up to 14 years for people prosecuted under the new legislation, the country does not allow or recognise LGBT rights. There is no legal protection against discrimination in Nigeria for LGBT community and violence against LGBT people is frequent. What do the public think of LGBT community in Nigeria and West Africa? What are the societal constraints to voluntary actions? Let’s have your thoughts at the conference!

Does religion even support free markets and wealth creation? This year’s conference will challenge perceptions. You will hear and share thoughts with speakers that include Adeolu Ogunrombi, Pamela Adie of the Equality Hub, Futurist Olumayowa Okediran, Chukwuemeka Ezeugo, Linda Kavuka, Wale Ajetunmobi among others.

Join us on Saturday, September 1 at the Conference Centre Hall, University of Ibadan, Nigeria to discuss these and many issues.

In addition, free meals and drinks and the evening social are included with the free registration. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of the change your community needs!

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