Habitat III Working Group Regional Focal Points Application


The deadline for the application is extended until 6th September GMT 23:59.

Mission for the UN MGCY Habitat III Regional Focal Points:

The mission of the UN MGCY Habitat III Regional Focal Points is to facilitate and coordinate the children and youth engagement in the Habitat III process for their respective regions. The importance of this position can not be understated as it will allow for the necessary outreach work to be competently carried out, while ensuring the prioritization of challenges to sustainable urbanisation specific to the regions.

Mission of UNMGCY Habitat III Working Group:

The mission of the UN MGCY Habitat III Working Group is to facilitate the representation and participation of children and youth in the process during, leading up to, and after the Habitat III conference. The Habitat III Working Group aims to ensure that the interests and input of children and youth are taken into account while designing and implementing the ‘New Urban Agenda’.

Regional Focal Point is responsible for regional participation and mobilisation for Habitat lll working group, and may be member entities or individuals nominated by member entities, including CYI (if they can demonstrate substantial links with regional youth entities).


  • Youth-or-child led entity (30 and below) or individual (if able to demonstrate substantial links with regional youth entities)
  • Experiences in Sustainable Urban Development be it (academic, activism, policy, etc) related to sustainable urban and territorial development and housing

Duration: 1 Year

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